Organic Marketing

A few months ago I had the opportunity to tour Taliesin West, the Frank Lloyd Wright house in Phoenix, AZ.  As I was walking through the property, I was struck with Wright’s “Organic” approach. Like Wright’s architecture, organic marketing should evolve from a time, a place, an industry (my term), and a need.  What follows is my take on Organic Marketing, inspired by Wright and his students. 

Organic Marketing is the harmony between customer needs and business objectives so sympathetic and well integrated they become part of a unified, interrelated composition.  

Basic strategic and tactical principles continue to repeat themselves throughout the marketing effort as a whole. The idea of organic marketing refers not only to the company’s literal relationship to the marketplace, but how marketing is carefully thought about as if that function and the company were a unified organism. Strategies throughout the marketing plan’s design build a central mood and theme. Essentially organic marketing is also the literal design of every element of marketing: From logos, to product introductions, to media, to sales presentations; all the things intended to market the brand. Everything relates to one another, reflecting the symbiotic ordering systems of nature.


Rules for Organic Marketing

Let marketing:

  • be inspired by the marketplace and be sustainable, robust, conserving, and diverse;
  • unfold from customer needs and product capabilities;
  • exist in the “continuous present” and “begin again and again”.
  • follow the flows of the market and be flexible and adaptable;
  • satisfy customer needs;
  • grow beyond common solutions and be unique;
  • celebrate creativity; and
  • express the power of the brand.

The brilliance behind Wright’s ideas cross many disciplines and multiple decades.  They are now up to our interpretation and action.


About bobcouch

Bob Couch is the president of OROGEN Marketing in Menlo Park, CA. During his almost 30 year career he has worked with some the the biggest brands in the world, and several Silicon Valley startups. OROGEN Marketing provides a comprehensive set of marketing tools to help their clients grow big, and bigger.
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