If You Don’t Feel You Are Over-Communicating, You’re Probably Under-Communicating

A fatal flaw we have as humans is we know what we mean …  and make the leap of faith others know what we mean.  Many companies have perished from that jump.

You may be saying to yourself, “we have great products, services, solutions, but the market is not embracing them the way they should … and I don’t know why.”  It’s possible your customers haven’t incorporated the reason those offerings are so great into their mindset.

“Impossible,” you say, “the benefits are obvious!”  Well, maybe not so much.

Do you really think because those benefits were mentioned once in your Webinar or sales pitch, you’ve broken through all the communication distractions your customers have, and implanted them in such a way to become actionable on their part?

An old teacher of mine once said to me if you want to get something across to someone, you must communicate the idea at least three different times in three different ways.  With the cacophony of communication coming our way each day, you may need to multiply those numbers, but the theory is sound.

Back when I was first learning about reach and frequency analysis for television commercials, I remember one of the primary rules was you should never reach the same consumer with the same commercial more than 16 times during the life of the commercial.  Afterwards, the consumer became irritated by it, and your brand.  But think about it, 15 times was OK … 15 TIMES!

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing communications plan to make sure you are using all the appropriate communication channels, in a variety of ways, at different times, until you feel you are over-communicating … which may be just about enough.


About bobcouch

Bob Couch is the president of OROGEN Marketing in Menlo Park, CA. During his almost 30 year career he has worked with some the the biggest brands in the world, and several Silicon Valley startups. OROGEN Marketing provides a comprehensive set of marketing tools to help their clients grow big, and bigger.
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