Consumers Are Becoming Numb And Numb-er: What To Do

First, let me explain the two reasons behind consumers becoming numb and numb-er:

  1. Marketers have found an enormous number of ways to get in front of consumers; letting marketers in is the price consumers pay to be connected, diverted, inspired, or informed.   But let’s focus on what “letting marketers in” means.  Today, it means trading personal information for those benefits, e.g. who your friends are, where you are, what you’re doing, what you’ve done, multiple levels of “contact” information, etc.  Consumers don’t seem to mind (numb) trading personal information for access to those benefits.  The Wall Street Journal has estimated that if you have visited the top 50 websites, then over 3,100 different trackers have been attached to you, watching where you go on the web.
  2. Communication stimuli:  24/7/365.  Ubiquitous. (numb-er)

So, consumers have opened their personal information gates, while simultaneously, and by necessity, fortifying their incoming communication filters. The result: numb and numb-er.

Here are five ideas for marketers to sensitize your customers today:

  1. Have a plan.  Don’t jump into any communication channel without having a strategy behind all tactics.
  2. Be bold; be very bold!  You have little time to capture and retain someone’s attention today. The first few seconds are critical.  Average viewing time for a YouTube video is less than one minute, and 35% of all viewers leave that video within 30 seconds.
  3. Give consumers something of value in your communication; a coupon, a promotion, knowledge, community membership, great service, the scoop about a new product, a smile, etc.
  4. Measure your effectiveness, i.e. your ROI, Brand scores, etc.
  5. Adapt.

Eventually, we will end up with these two questions:  How numb will consumers allow themselves to become, and how bold are you willing to get?


About bobcouch

Bob Couch is the president of OROGEN Marketing in Menlo Park, CA. During his almost 30 year career he has worked with some the the biggest brands in the world, and several Silicon Valley startups. OROGEN Marketing provides a comprehensive set of marketing tools to help their clients grow big, and bigger.
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