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Don’t Let Your Opinion Overly Influence Your Judgment

Your opinions are subjective, based on various forms of input, i.e. physical, emotional, intellectual, etc.  Sometimes, after many years of creating marketing strategies and executing marketing plans, you feel you’ve attained the rank of expert, and believe that you know … Continue reading

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Developing Uncommon Vision

Creativity is seeing common things in uncommon ways.  It’s that simple.  It’s that hard. Close-up of James’ eye  So, how do you learn to see common things in uncommon ways, particularly regarding your marketing efforts? First, deconstruct whatever you’re focusing … Continue reading

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Propellers Or Anchors: What’s Attached To Your Marketing?

Propellers and anchors have specific and opposite functions: One is designed to move you, and the other is designed to hold you in place.  Being held in place is not necessarily bad, but it is not moving you ahead. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Sand Castle Marketing And How To Avoid It

A client of mine, Dana Barciz, recently used a phrase I haven’t heard before:  Sand Castle Marketing.  Sand Castle Marketing is when you build a beautiful marketing plan, and the wave of budget concern/re-prioritization washes ashore and sweeps away a … Continue reading

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